Different type matchups in Ninja Turtles: Legends

With the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out shortly, now is the best time to begin playing with the new iOS game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends, developed by Ludia. As you progress through the campaign in this cellular title you’ll be able to locate new party members through arbitrary falls and your party members can level up by harvest items from battles.
To do well in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends you need to develop a powerful party which can assist you to level up fast. You can level up your general stats in addition to the degree of each of your party members. As your general stats raise the maximum level of each of your party members will also rise, which means your party members get stronger when you do. So here are 5 tips to assist you to master TMNT Legends.

Know Your Kind Matchups

In the game, all enemies and all heroes belong to one of five kinds: purple, blue, orange, gray, or red. Determined by what kind your hero belongs to the damage dealt to the enemy will be affected by it. Some types work against other types, and understanding which ones are stronger than others can considerably affect the results of a conflict. So that you will be able to use them to your advantage here is an outline of the different type matchups in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends: Blue types are not weak against kinds that are orange but are not strong against purple kinds. Orange sorts are strong against grey sorts but poor against kinds that are blue. Purple sorts are not weak against kinds that are blue but are weak against reddish kinds. Gray kinds are not weak against types that are red but are poor against sorts that are orange. Ultimately, red kinds are strong against purple types but poor against grey sorts. Rather than memorize that you can examine the pause menu during a conflict for a swift reminder of which types do better against each other. If you pay close attention to what colour before you attack then the arrows are, you will manage to figure out type matchups on the fly, which can considerably enable you to turn the tides of a battle. It’s best to first focus on enemies whose type is not strong against yours, but remember that type matchups aren’t the sole factor in determining victory.

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAssemble A Strong Team

One of the most significant keys to success in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends is building a team which will be ready to face any kind of foe. A great team should have a mixture between the hero types that are different, as reliance on one may leave you open if the enemy team’s kind is more powerful than yours. Also, you should build a team that is well rounded so you will manage to confront whatever the game can throw at you. What this means is that your team should be similar to teams that you simply would see in other RPGs. A great team will have: a damage dealer (or two), a tank, and a healer. The damage dealer will be the character who outputs the most damage and who will have the ability to take down supervisors, make sure to keep him safe throughout the conflict. The tank is a character with a lot of health, who’ll be able to live through the entire fight and keep the remainder of the team safe. And the healer will make sure the damage dealer and the tank do not die. As he has a lot of health Newtralizer is a good tank, and his damage may also become quite high as you level him up.
Leonardo will be the first ninja turtle you has an excellent healing skill to keep your party alive and unlock. Karai is another early game character, who starts off with quite low health, but she passes amount 12 can output large amounts of damage through her hits that are critical. Other good starting heroes include: Baxter Spiderbytez, Stockman and Chris Bradford. They’ll give your team great variety and will take some of the pressure off your heavy hitters.
Manage Your Pizza Wisely
Each conflict prices you pizza energy and you only have a limited amount that you could use every day. What you have to do is to split your pizza energy between playing with campaign missions and grinding in hard manner. In Ninja Turtles: Legends hack there are two chief battle modes: the first is campaign mode (which costs 6 pizza energy) and the second is hard manner (which costs 12 pizza energy). Also, for a limited time only there are bonus movie tie-in assignments which cost 8 pizza energy. As you begin the game you should spend your pizza energy on playing the campaign mode, because you don’t start off with a lot of pizza energy. In challenging way the enemies are at a higher degree than they were in the campaign mode. But finishing a hard mode degree will give you greater rewards in addition to items that you should discover new characters and level up those in your party.
Once you reach level 10 it is best if you do minimum 3 hard manner missions every day, that way you can at least get the daily challenge benefit for completing them. Additionally do n’t forget to open your mystery pack of cards every two hours because it will usually include some additional pizza energy for you to use. If you are extremely short on energy you can spend some in-game cash to order more pizza, in-game cash can be purchased, but is also readily made from day-to-day challenges.
Grind Clever Not Hard
If you do while playing with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles n’t want to spend too much money on card packs : Legends you’ll need to understand how to grind well. The three chief things you will be grinding for are: items to level up abilities, new cards to update added mutagen and your heroes to spend. The first thing to consider is whether you should be grinding in hard mode or normal manner. Grinding in hard mode is recommended, although this will depend on how much pizza energy you have. This is because in challenging mode you are likely to get better wages. So if you’ve enough pizza energy tough manner is the way to go. Here is a great trick if you’re a bit suggested by hard style then, there is no XP difference between hard way levels. In the game, all campaign amounts and all hard style degrees give XP to 6 and XP, respectively. It doesn’t matter if you are playing with hard way for degree 1- 1 or level 3 -1 the XP reward will be the same. This implies that you could quickly level up by grinding on earlier levels of challenging manner, with no risk of losing. Then you’ll manage to proceed to other stages once you have not developed weaker. Eventually, don’t forget to keep in mind which stages have rewards and the cards you need. And never be scared to use your warp passes to complete the degree instantly, because you will receive 5 per day if you complete the daily wages challenges.

teenage urtles

Have A Battle Plan

Lastly, the key to winning battles will be to figure out how to stop them as fast as possible.
A rule of thumb of thumb when fighting is to concentrate on one enemy at a time. You need to consider how much damage the enemy team is putting out each move although occasionally it is helpful to have each hero focus on one enemy. To minimize the enemy’s damage outcome you’ve got to thin their ranks, so concentrate the efforts of all your heroes at a time on one and battles will go much smoother. Another thing to watch out for is with curing abilities like the mushrooms or the cyborgs enemies. Everyone wills cure on their team, so they need to be dealt with first the battle will drag on. This is especially true during boss fights, as those healer enemies will have the capacity to keep the supervisor living even with your whole team focusing him. Ultimately, when on the wave that is final, unless there are healer enemies, it is always great to focus on the leaders first. Managers become more dangerous as you level up and often their abilities can knock out a party member in a single hit. So as you are wasting time attacking their henchmen the leader will be wiping your team out. So constantly kill the bosses first. That’s all there’s to it! Then you will be able to develop a heroic team and control whatever stands in your way in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends, if you follow these strategies.


 FINALLY, We’ll Get To Do Some Live Tackling vs. The Chargers

BEAR DOWN, Y’ALL!  We’ve gotta big preseason game coming up this Saturday on the West Coast as we take on the San Diego Chargers.  This should be a lot of fun.
Seriously, this is a big game for us.  You know, after getting the rust out of our systems and going against our own teammates for two weeks, we’ll really get to see how much we’ve developed now that we’ll be squaring off against another team.  Sure, I know we’re doing well, because I get to see our performances every day at practice, but to see how our offense and defense looks in a real game is whole ‘nother thing.  Also , we’ll get to actually do some live tackling, which is something you know I’M looking forward to.

Another reason this is a big deal for us is because our coaches will be able to evaluate all the younger guys, which is pretty much what the preseason is all about.  They’ll get out there, get it done, and prove their value to the team.  And anything they do that needs to be improved will be captured on film and reviewed with them next week so they can get even better than they already are.  As far as myself and the other vets go, we’ll be getting out there to refresh ourselves with our game, get back into our good habits, and return our moods to that football mode we love so much.
I’m also looking forward to a few off-the-field activities.  What they’ll be, I dunno yet.  But because I’ve got some family out there, as well as one of my best friends, Nathan Vasher (old teammate of mine), I’m sure some other extracurricular activities will go down.

Da Hitman Gets Hitched: ‘My New Best Friend’

On Sunday, the twenty-seventh of June, in the year twenty-ten, I’m marrying Kenetria Janelle Richardson, the love of my life.  I can’t wait.

Kenetria is a down-to-earth, cool, intelligent woman (Vanderbilt grad with a degree in economics), who’s not looking for anything but love.  And, in my profession, it’s hard finding a woman who likes you, simply for you. So many of them come after you for your status or your money.  But Kenetria… She genuinely likes me — the person — not the persona.  In fact, before her and I got close, she claimed herself to be “anti-athlete” (as far as dating goes), because she – understandably so – had a bit of a negative perception about how some pro-athletes tend to play around too much.  I’m proud to claim that I was able to convert her 😉

download (3)

I first met Kenetria back in high school through her twin sister (who I was good friends with).  Her sister and I were tight, but I never really got to know Kenetria until a little website called “Facebook” came along.

…That’s right, Facebook played the part of the matchmaker.  That “Friends Suggestions” feature really works – Ha!

A little over a year ago, we randomly sparked-up a conversation on Facebook and realized how much we had common.  One of the biggest similarities we shared was our love of music.  She’s a very talented musician / singer / writer and I’m pushing her hard to be the next American Idol (yes, that show is a guilty pleasure of ours).  She’ll be 28 next year, so she only has one more year of eligibility.  Thankfully, one tryout is all it will take for her to win the title.

Finally, after a lot of talking on Facebook, and the realization that more fun could be had with each other in person, we decided that she needed to come visit me in Charlotte.  At this point, we were still friends, and neither one of us had any interest in getting into a relationship – she had just gotten out of one and felt that all men were the devil, while I was just wanting to do my thing, chill out, and not have any strong ties to anyone.  Yet, even though all I really wanted was a cool girl to relax with, I knew, soon after she arrived, that she was going to be “The One.”  I know that probably sounds cliche, but oh well.

That first night she was in town, we went to a basketball game and had a lot of fun.  Afterwards, we went back to my house and hung out by the fireplace in the backyard.  We just sat out there, listened to music, drank wine, and talked.  It was during these late-night hours when I really realized how great she is.  I mean, how can you not love an independent woman who has a personality as down-to-earth as hers is?  She was quickly becoming one of my new best friends.
Continue to Part Two ofDa Hitman Gets Hitched: “I Want YOU, Not Your Friends!”

The Winners of the ‘Bear Down, Chicago Bears”

The Winners of the ‘Bear Down, Chicago Bears’ Singing Contest Are…NOTE: Catch-up with what we’re talking about, here, by first reading… “Bear Down, Chicago Bears Fans, to Win Some Free Tix!”
Aaaaaaaw, MAN! Y’all did an excellent job with your performances of the Chicago Bears’ fight song, “Bear Down, Chicago Bears.” Actually, I loved them SO MUCH that instead of giving away one pair of tickets, I’ve decided to give away THREE PAIRS of tickets to this Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings!  Yezzziiiirrr!
Before I fill you in on the winners, know that there’s no 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners. All were equally great.

chicago bears
The first winner is a teacher from Wisconsin. I know what you’re thinking… “Why award tickets to a Packers fan?” Well, because she’s actually a Bears fan! Aaaaand, I love how she persuaded her classroom full of kids who are Packers fans to sing the Bears’ fight song! How messed up is that!? Haha! No, but seriously… I thought those kids BEARing DOWN to do that for their teacher was very special. So for delivering a great song AND being an even greater teacher, I want to give her two tickets to the game. Click PLAY to hear her class’ submission…

The next lady lives in Lansing, Michigan. When she belted out our fight song I thought I was about to listen to a Broadway musical. She brought a rendition my way that was unexpected and I liked it a lot. So she, too, gets a pair of tickets. Here’s her submission…

Finally, we’ve got a winner from San Diego. He got creative and changed the lyrics up a bit, which I thought was awesome. I sat down and really listened closely to how he lyrically mixed things up, and I gotta hand it to the guy… He’s a creative dude. Here’s what he sent me…

So I hope you guys enjoyed participating in this contest as much as I enjoyed listening to your voicemails. If you didn’t win, don’t worry — I’m working out the details of another contest that will win you free tickets to a game. As for the talented three who did win… I hope you have a great time watching us get with the Minnesota Vikings!
Oh, and one more thing… Don’t forget to read my preview of this Sunday’s game: “Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears – BRING IT, BRETT!”

I can call Carolina Home

CAROLINAAAAAA!  MAN, I’m excited to get back home!
I feel like I can call Carolina “home,” because I made it my home once I moved over there in ‘07.  Actually, it’s where I plan on living when I’m done playing football, so to get to come back and visit while we’re playing the Panthers is something I’ve really been looking forward to.
I still have a bunch of friends on the Panthers who I keep in touch with on a frequent basis: Thomas Davis, Jon Beason, and a ton of others.  I’m also still good friends with “Double Trouble” who’s sure to be up to no good. DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and myself always used to talk a lot of smack and trash during practices, but we’ve never been able to do so while playing for opposing teams.  Those guys are both excellent Pro Bowl caliber running backs, so you know we’re going to have our hands full this week.

download (2)
Speaking of “Double Trouble”: we’re pretty sure Carolina will leaning a lot on their running game during their offensive attack.  So, what we’re going to have to do is control that strength of theirs and make them a one-dimensional team.  If we can do that, we’ll feel pretty confident about our chances to win the game.
The Panthers will be starting their rookie quarterback, Jimmy Clausen, who’s pretty good.  But, because he’s a rookie, he still hasn’t seen everything the NFL has to offer, so we’ll try to throw some looks his way to try and confuse him.  That same strategy goes for their two rookie receivers: we’ll be throwing different looks at them to make them have to adjust on the run and things of that nature.
Defensively, our goal this week is to score — We’ve GOTTA score on defense!  Every game we’ve scored on defense, we’ve come away with a win, so getting that done has been emphasized a lot during this week’s practices.
Our special teams is going to have to play well this week, too.  Actually, that’s an aspect of Carolina’s game that I gotta give some serious praise to: they have a GREAT special teams.  Even though a lot of them are young rookies, I think they rank somewhere in the top five.  So, you know, we’re definitely going to have our hands full with them, because those special teamers are really getting after it out there.
All in all, this game’s gonna be a good one.  I’m excited to get back out there to Carolina to play a little football. Sure, it’s going to be weird walking out on that field in a different colored uniform, but that’s alright, because all of us are still going to have a lot of fun.  I can’t wait.


Chris Harris’ HitmanHarris.com – Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears

Aaaaaaaww, MAN!  We had a ROUGH go of it, this week.  I don’t think we played well, at all.  (Actually, it’s not a “THINK” — I KNOW we didn’t play well.) Now we gotta go back to the drawing board.


Defensively, we all felt off-balance.  They had us on our heels the entire game — At least if seemed that way. I’m certain we had way too many missed tackles — Actually, I gotta say that it was our worst tackling game of the season.  We’ve GOTTA get that aspect of our game fixed, and I promise you we will.

Another struggle we had was that we weren’t able to shut down Seattle’s run and make them one-dimensional.  I guess that’s why seemed to have us on our heels during so much of the game.

The most glaring issue of the game was that we didn’t get any turnovers, and – as we all know – that’s the staple of this defense. We ALWAYS manage to at least get a turnover or two, yet they were able to completely shut us out in that aspect of the game. We’re NOT proud of that, at all.

With all that said, if you wanna find a bright spot from this otherwise dark weekend, you can take a look at our record and see that we’re 4-2 and still sitting atop the NFC North — So, you know, that’s a positive.  However, I want all of you to know that we’re not going to find comfort in our first place standing — We’re going to get back to the drawing board, get a good week of work in, and be prepared to come back to Soldier Field to redeem ourselves against the Washington Redskins. …

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